Merry Christmas!!

We had my family Christmas together on Sunday which was lovely. Came home with more than we went with (you know how it is) but Eloise is totally stoked with her guitar and keyboard she received from Nan & Pa. Though I am not so sure I am in love with them atm

Eloise is so funny - a guitar ( a red guitar that is) is the only thing that she has mentioned that she has really, really, REALLY wanted and she was so excited when she opened her pressie to find a RED guitar. Opened the keyboard pressie and says "Oh No I don't need one of these" - My sentiments exactly!! (LOL!)

The shops are just nuts atm. The weekend before last I headed down town and spent an hour driving around looking for somewhere to park Cannot believe that these shopping centres keep expanding and building on car park spaces and don't replace them; but I am so relieved that the shopping is now all done. All the wrapping is done, last plum pudding was made yesterday (I am the chief plum pudding maker in the family as well as the 'best' friend who makes them for everyone else) Don't really know how this honour was bestowed upon me but nevertheless the list seems to grow each year The trailer is packed ready for our trip to Swan Hill. Just need to pack our clothes bags and then we are Off. Hopefully be on the road mid morning

MERRY,MERRY Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating and the jolly man in the red suit brings you something nice
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