Peace, Love, Joy.......

I've put together this little Christmas 'E Card' today as I am pretty certain that it will be the New Year(if I am lucky) before my Season's Greetings cards will make it out in the post. Might hang onto them for next year (LOL!!)- Oh dear I am such a shocker

I've used a Quick Cards Blog Freebie Created by Dahlia for Little Dreamer Designs available here and many thanks to the gorgeous Sandra for the beautiful flourish frame that I have also used (yep managed to work out how to change it from pink - all those lessons must be starting to pay off now LOL!) - I can't believe that you made this - well actually I can cause you are just so damn clever!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me - Love it heaps xxMWAHxx

or if you prefer a touch of pink

Merry Christmas!!
Wishing you all peace, love and joy always
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My Littlest Angel

It's been a little while since I had a photo share especially of my littlest girl - for some reason actually getting a photo of her is a feat in itself. Must be something to do with the age though with saying this, I don't always recall it being this difficult with her bigger sister. Anyway here's a couple of my favourites that I have managed to capture of her recently

BAH HUMBUG - Christmas Pout

This one was taken earlier this year and was actually snapped with my mobile phone camera so the quality is not as good plus Nikayla was also sitting behind a window of perspex. I have had to do some serious editing with it - it's still by no means perfect but I just absolutely love the expression on her little face

Credits: Jessica Spraque Black Negative Frame; Ali Edwards Word Art Brushes
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Little Miss Happiness

When the skies are grey and the clouds are heavy and suffocating as they have been in my world of late; there is nothing like the smile of my little girl to brighten my day - Thank You Nikayla you truly are my little ray of happiness

Close Up Peakies

I created this layout earlier for the Create A Scene Layout Challenge that I set for Christmas comp at Scrapping Outback. Check out the rest of the challenge criteria here
While there also check out the other challenges set by Rach, Jules and Leanne which you can see here

I had a lot of fun creating my happy, sunny scene using the Sunshine and Blooms boxboard chippie available in the Scrapping Outback store here

As always thanks so much for dropping by - I am sorry that I have been MIA, my hard drive crashed and I was without a computer for a period of time and the last few weeks have been tough for our little family unit with much sadness. But we are hanging in there, life goes on (and does), chin up and solder on as the saying goes
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