Peace, Love, Joy.......

I've put together this little Christmas 'E Card' today as I am pretty certain that it will be the New Year(if I am lucky) before my Season's Greetings cards will make it out in the post. Might hang onto them for next year (LOL!!)- Oh dear I am such a shocker

I've used a Quick Cards Blog Freebie Created by Dahlia for Little Dreamer Designs available here and many thanks to the gorgeous Sandra for the beautiful flourish frame that I have also used (yep managed to work out how to change it from pink - all those lessons must be starting to pay off now LOL!) - I can't believe that you made this - well actually I can cause you are just so damn clever!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me - Love it heaps xxMWAHxx

or if you prefer a touch of pink

Merry Christmas!!
Wishing you all peace, love and joy always
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