I got a 'gentle' nudge the other day from one of my scrapping buddies 'to update' my blog. Anyway here I am......

It has been quite a stressful time for me of late with lots of things going on - for the most part, unpleasant. My dad's health is still causing me the greatest angt as he is very unwell. He goes in for more surgery on Friday. I hope that this surgery gives us the answers we need and makes him comfortable. It just breaks my heart to see him so unwell.

I have tried to keep my mind occupied. I have some scrapping projects which I will share with you 'soon' and of course there is also my 'toy boy' vampire lover which has been helping me to escape my reality

Yes I have totally succumbed to Edward Cullen and Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series and have to confess that I am totally now an OCD member

Thanks Janey for the blinkies - think we have it as bad as each other now!!
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