I told someone the other day that I was going to do this - and I am sure that they didn't believe me (LOL!) Anyway..... I have started the ominious task of decluttering my scrap stash. I cannot believe what a 'collector' I am - I use the term 'collector' given that is exactly what I have done - collected and not used LOL!!

It is all great stuff which was purchased with great intentions that come to mind. I am so sure that others will be able to put them to good use before I get the time to get around to using it myself. So I have started listing it all on Ebay - Man that's a job in itself LOL!!

At the moment it is mainly stamp sets, along with a couple of punches and a very cool bulk Tim Holtz 'Distress' Auction that have been listed.

Everything is pretty much 'brand new' (unless otherwise stated), with most of the stuff never been opened and in its original packaging. This is a very sad fact in itself and just eagerly anticipating hanging out in someone else's stash being used

You can check out my current auctions here

More will be added in the days to come

Happy Bidding and Good Luck!!
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