Frame Ups and Special Effects Class with Jessica Sprague

I have been patiently counting down the days until Jessica Sprague's free Frame Ups and Special Effects classes kick off. Anyway July 6 was officially the first day of class. I will be updating this post with my class 'homework' photos as we go along.

So here we go

9/7/09 Class 4: Clipped Masks

Basically a clipping mask is basically a shape - any shape - that you can "clip" your photo onto, to cause your photo to conform itself to that shape. I have to say that I just love the scruffy edges of this one that I played with

For my following photo I have combined a vintage tint technique (lesson 3) and Glowy Star Brush with Jessica Sprague's grunge mask for the following result which I just love

Combining Techniques

O.K - Now I am just having way too much Fun!!

This time I have combined the vintage look (Lesson 3), with brush (Lesson 2) and an overlay from the Class of 3 kit (yeah I know that we aren't up to this but couldn't help myself)

8/7/09 Class 3: Creating a Vintage, Hand Tinted Look

Before Photo

After adding a vintage, hand tinted look

Combining Techniques

O.K I have been playing and have combined a couple of techniques that we have been shown in Jessica's classes so far

For my photo 'Two Heads' I have combined adding a frame (ornate frame from lesson 1) with a brush (Ooh La La Tag and altered colour to suit) and adding my own text to the brush tag

7/7/09 Class 2: Brushes

Using House of 3 Class Kit - Brushes 'Ooh La La Tag' and 'Celebrate'

6/7/09 Class 1: Frame Up and Word-i-fy

Using the free class House of 3 kit that was made available to us, I have used the 'Ornate Frame 3 and 'Sassy' title block for altering my photo
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