Countdown to Santa

That's right!

We're officially counting the days in our house until Santa arrives! And our calendar shows...just 20 yes...20 more days until Santa arrives.

Designer Patti Milazzo has a fun and unique project to help you and your family count down until the man in red arrives at your home! GlueArts Accent It All makes the perfect way to create this and ensure durability as well!

Countdown to Santa
GlueArts Designer: Patti Milazzo

 Supply List: 

Glue Arts- 
1/4 Perma Tac PRO+ Cartridge Refill - Pro
Glue Gun
Glue Gun Stick Refills
Accent It All – White Out
Accent It All – Black Out
Accent It All – Razzle Dazzle Red
Accent It All – Sterling Silver

Other: 4x6 acrylic frame; 18 – 20 guage craft/floral wire, wire cutters, pliers, holiday pattern paper and stickers

1. Remove any protective film that may cover the frame. Cut Red Accent It All to fit the front of the acrylic frame – a bit longer to overlap the top and bottom is ideal. With the White Accent it All create a scalloped strip for the center of the frame. Punch/Cut a buckle from the Silver Accent it All. I used a square punch and trimmed around it, then used a small rectangle punch for the silver “prong”.

2. Remove just the top portion of the backing on the Red Accent It All. Overlap the top of the frame a bit and then carefully apply it to the rest of the frame – peeling back the remainder of the backing and smoothing as you go to avoid any air bubbles. Next, add the white scalloped strip and the black belt - again smoothing as you apply the strip. Don’t worry if the scallop shape shows through the black a bit – the buckle will cover that up.

3. For the buckle, do not remove the backing. Instead use the Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac Pro+ Adhesive and affix the buck to the front center of the belt. Do the same to the silver “prong”. 

4. With a 8” piece of craft/floral wire, fold it in half to create “V”. Turn that upside down “^” and bend each side to eventually make the shape into a “W”. From this fashion a 2 “hooked” hanger for the tags – the back should fold over the top of the frame where it will be glued and there won’t be any sharp points. Adjust the width between the curled hooks as needed.

5. Next, hot glue the back of the wire to the frame with the Glue Gun.

6. Punch/Cut tags to fit on the hooks – you’ll need 3 tags for the left prong (a blank one, then the numbers 1 & 2); for the right prong you’ll need 10 tags (0-9). I used number stickers for the tag on my project. 

7. Finally, create an embellished accent for the top – this will also hide where the wire curves around the top of the frame. 

How fun is that! And this is a craft that kids can absolutely help! Or better yet...give them supplies and letthem great and design their own! This could also be made for a birthday countdown, vacation many possibilities!

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And here is a sneak peek of what talented Designer Kristen Swain made for us!

Be sure to visit us tomorrow to see how Kristen made this!! 

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