Create Your Personal Style With Accent It All!

We're all individuals with our own style, taste, look....

Often times  you can tell a persons style by their purse, shoes or yes...cell phone. In today's techie age cell phones have become a further extension of our personal style.

New Designer Ania Lexander has a project today that is a light bulb kind of moment. It's simple for sure...but yet simplicity at it's best. Seriously...GlueArts Accent it personalize your cell phone case? Get back!!!!

And our New Designer Grace Tolman has a beautiful idea for taking a simple square tile and turning it into a unique piece of artwork! Keep this craft in mind for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday too!

Springtime Quote Tile
Designer: Grace Tolman

GlueArts Accent it All Vinyl
GlueArts Extreme Adhesive Squares
Cricut Expression & Storybook Cartridge

Step 1: Gather your supplies- Accent-it-all Vinyl sheets, 12x12 tile, die cut machine and cartridge, quote of your choice, small flowers and GlueArts adhesives.
Step 3: Start cutting your shapes and letters out. *Make sure you test your sheets a few times through your die cut machine to check the right speed and pressure to properly cut the vinyl. I found mine needed slow-medium speed and slow pressure.
Start cutting the background first. Mine was a tree brand on the brown vinyl. 

Step 4: Cut a strip of green Accent-it-all sheet and trim on edge to mimic grass. Pull out some of the strips to make the grass life like. Adhere to the bottom of the tile. 
Step 5: Start adding the quote. I found that if you use a flexible ruler to put together the quotes by lines, it is much easier and straighter. 
Step 6: I decided to cut out a big leaf and make it go under the word for more emphasis. 
Step 7: I added the words Resurrection and Springtime with a different color Vinyl than the other words to give them more emphasis. I also made the letters a bigger size. 
Step 8: Cut out the flowers from the wire stem. Cut from the very top of the flower so that the flower will lay flat on the tile. 
Step 9: Adhere the flowers to the tile and vinyl using the Extreme Adhesive Squares. 
Step 10: Add a couple of flowers with stems on top of the grass on the bottom left which will create a visual triangle with the project.

Viola! Your project is done! H
ere's where it is going to be displayed in my home...

Accent it all - Cellphones
Designer: Ania Lexander

GlueArts Accent it All vinyl sheets
Die cut shapes, scissors 
Cellphones to decorate

Step one: Gather your diecuts and colors of choice
Step two: Put together the shapes, feel free to layer up - if you do a mistake, don't worry, as the vinyl can be repositioned and reused.
Step three: Add the shapes to your cellphone

Seriously....why didn't we all think of this idea sooner???!!! We know you're going to try this one! And teenagers will love this too!

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