Take a left turn on........ Maya Road!

That's right!

If you'll follow our directions...we insist you take a turn onto Maya Road!

We're so excited to bring you yet another new company to spotlight this week!

One whose products seem to be everywhere you look, always offering brilliant new products and equally brilliant ways to use them! (we only hope we can do them justice too!)

All this week our amazing group of Glue Girls will share with you idea after idea for using Maya Road's unique products! And we would like to invite you to visit their Designer Blog (one of our Glue Girls is a Maya Roadie too...Jenny Chesnick!) and support their team and blog! We're certain there will be some fun chances to win all week long!!

Up first today Glue Girl Andrea Budjack has the sweetest pillow...perfect for a little girl or big girl's room. We love that Andrea used a Maya Road canvas dress as the inspiration for her pillow! (just a note...GlueArts Fabric Bond works perfectly with Maya Road canvas!)

Designer Grace Tolman brings us a fun, useful toolbox with clear instructions for how you too can make this!

Create Pillow
Designer: Andrea Budjack

Glue Arts Glue Gun
Glue Arts Fabric Bond
Maya Road (canvas dress and stick pin)
Ribbon - www.prairiebirdboutique.etsy.com
Embrodiery Thread
Pillow Fill
Vintage Buttons
Felt - www.lupin.etsy.com
Glass Pearl Bead

1. Cut out two 10” squares of fabric.
2. Cut out 5” strips of fabric, stitch together to create 10” band. Press seams with iron.

3. Using Glue Arts Fabric Bond, run along band and iron on to one 10” square (pillow front). Stitch sides.
4. Apply Glue Arts Fabric Bond to Maya Road canvas dress and iron to front of pillow.
5. Cut 1” x 6” strips of fabric, stitch and gather. Apply Glue Arts Fabric Bond to dress and iron on each layer of ruffled fabric. Stitch ribbon to top of skirt.
6. Cut 2” x 10” strip of fabric and stitch to pillow front. Using a pen, write word “create” and embroider. Stitch on buttons.
7. With right sides together, stitch pillow, turn right side out and fill. Stitch pillow opening.
8. Using Glue Arts Glue Gun, add felt details to dress.

9. Add pearl bead to Maya Road stick pin and insert.

Altered Toolbox
Designer: Grace Tolman

GlueArts Glue Glider Pro, Ribbon Adhesive, U Cut It Foam and Adhesive Squares
Wooden toolbox
Pattern papers, letter stickers
Chipboard banner shapes and frames from Maya Road plus felt birds 
gross grain 1” ribbon
Baker’s twine
White Paint 

Step 1: Gather your supplies.
Step 2: Paint your chipboard shapes first. I added a few coats of white acrylic paint to cover the raw chipboards. Set aside and let it dry. 
Step 3: Measure your wooden toolbox to correspond to the papers that you will cut then cut the papers into size. 
Step 4: For the inside sides of the box, make one first to fit and then use that as a template to make the other one. 
Step 5: To create the hole where the handle will go, use a ½” circle punch. 
Step 6: Gather all the cut up pattern paper shapes and start adhering them onto the toolbox with the Glue Glider Pro.
Step 7: Trim and sand the edges of the papers for a finished look. 
Step 8: After looking at the covered box, I decided to add some more paper to the inside of the box (sides and bottom)
Step 9: Adhere a strip of ribbon adhesive on the edge of the wooden toolbox. I feel it was easier to adhere the glue strip onto the toolbox rather than adhering it to the ribbon first and then to the toolbox. This also allowed me for a neater ribbon all the way around because I had both hands to make sure it’s aligned properly without getting adhesive stuck on my fingers. Next, adhere the ribbon.
Step 10: When the banner shapes have dried, add that to one side of the toolbox and layer with chipboard letters. Tie the shapes together with some baker’s twine. Then adhere the whole thing with some adhesive squares. 
Step 11: Adhere the frames on both long ends of the toolbox with some adhesive squares. Add some cut-it up foam onto felt birds and adhere that to the center of the frames. 

And your toolbox is ready to be used!!!

Thank you all for the amazing week we had last week with Epiphany Crafts! We truly value your comments and loved reading about how many of you were new to Epiphany and were inspired to hopefully go out and purchase some products for yourself! We would like to announce last week's winner:

Clare G said...

I'm in awe at all of the adorable projects this week. I love how simply you can create coordinating accessories and embellishments with this nifty little tool and of course the wonderful Glue Arts adhesives.

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