Flowers Here & There...Everywhere!!


What a week it's been with Epiphany Crafts!

Each day something new to make you ooh and aah...

And although you couldn't see it...when Designer Linda Albrecht posted this project we were seriously jumping up and down over it! Take a look around any shoe department and what do you everywhere! Linda shows how you can dress up your favorite shoes with yes...a flower! And's not permanent so you can chance them out to match your outfit or suit the occasion!! How sweet is that?! And Designer Jan Hennings is sharing a second project for you...this one suited for teachers...or a friend too!!

Flower Shoe Clips
Designer: Linda Albrecht

Glue Arts "Fabric Bond" adhesive & "Glue Glider Pro"
Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun & Hot Melt Sticks
Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio "Round 25 Tool" & "Bubble Caps Round 25"
Patterned paper

1. Tear two fabric strips that measure 1 3/4" x 26" and apply Fabric Bond Adhesive along the longest edge of each.

2. Fold and Iron the fabric strips in half then cut slits into the folded edge ar 3/8" intervals
3. Cut 2 circles from felt for the base of each flower that measure 2 1/4" round.
4. Begin hot gluing the fabric strip along the outside edge of the felt circle and coil it toward the center. 
5. You may have to make small tucks in the fabric strip as you get closer to the center of the circle.
6. Use the Epiphany Shape Studio Tool to add patterned paper to the clear Bubble Cap then adhere it to the center of the fabric flower.
7. Hand sew a flat hair clip to the backside of the flower for attaching to shoes.

Accessories for School - Teacher Gifts
Designer: Jan Hennings

I reused a small box I had on hand and added a bubble button to the center of the bow.

GlueArts Ribbon Adhesive
Epiphany Crafts, Shape Studio and Bubble Button 25, Shape Studio and Bubble Buttons 14 
Paper Clips

1.) Start with paperclips that have a round frame at the top. (Hobby Lobby)
Use Epiphany Crafts, Shape Studio and Bubble Buttons 14. 

2.) Use scrap cardstock to stamp small images.

3.) Use Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive to hold the Bubble Button inside the frame of the paperclip.

1.) Using scrap cardstock, stamp an image.
2.) Use Epiphany Crafts, Shape Studio and Bubble Button 25.
3.) Add the bubble button to the top left of the spiral.
4.) Embellish the front of spiral as desired.

Alright...that's our week with Epiphany Crafts! We hope you've enjoyed it and we've spurred your creativity on! We loved hearing that many of you were unfamiliar with Epiphany and we hope you'll support them!  

It's pretty amazing what you can do with GlueArts adhesives, Epiphany Craft Studio Tools and a little creativity don't you think! We'd like to thank Epiphany Crafts once again for their generosity!! And hope to do this again!!

And we'd like to give you some products so you too can create some of the projects you've seen this week. So you have one more chance today to post a comment! We'll pick a random winner Monday who will receive all these goodies!

And last but not least...a very Happy Easter to all of our fans!!  

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