Care to Join in a Book or a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe?

Sometimes finding inspiration is as simple as walking around your house.

Picking up this or that and thinking about a new way you can use that.

Designers Patti Milazzo and Lindsay Wahl took common items...a book and a pair of jeans that were worn out and created two unique items that will be treasured whether you're lounging in bed with a favorite book or cup of tea or headed out and need something to keep a little one busy with!

Here are today's Recycle, Reuse & Repurpose projects ....

Fabric Covered Book Tray
Designer: Patti Milazzo

For my project, I decided to repurpose an outdated hardcover craft book into a fabric covered tray. I used both the Extreme Adhesive Squares and the Glue Glider Pro with the Fabric Bond Adhesive to affix the material, the painted wooden ball feet as well as the ribbon and floral accents that I created to embellish the tray. 

Designer Tip: 
Use a medium to heavy weight material to protect the book if you intend to preserve the book for continued use. The lightweight canvas that I used will also prevent any patterns on the original book face from showing through.

Glue Arts:
Glue Glider Pro with
FabricBond Cartridge Refill- Pro
Extreme Adhesive Squares
Extreme Micro Squares
May Arts Ribbon and Trim
Other: Hardcover book; enough fabric to cover the book (less than ¼ yard); buttons or other accents for flowers

1. Open up the book being used and cut the material about 3” – 4” larger on all sides.
2. To secure the material, start by apply the Extreme Adhesive Squares to the binding of the book first.
Tip: Remove the labeling on the Extreme Adhesive Squares roll or tear off a strip long enough to cover the binding for easy application here.
3. Place the closed book about 3” from the right edge of the material, then fold the material over the book pressing the binding into the fold.
4. Apply more Extreme Adhesive Squares to the back cover of the book and press the material over the surface evenly to prevent any wrinkling. Repeat this for the back cover of the book as well.
5. To secure the material inside, open the cover (front or back) and again apply more Extreme Adhesive Squares about ever few inches. I also applied the Fabric Bond Adhesive with the Glue Glider Pro where the fabric would meet fabric once it was folded over. Once all the adhesive is applied, fold over the fabric to wrap the corners. Use an iron where the Fabric Bond was applied to permanently affix the fabric. 
6. For the ends of the binding, trim fabric to 1”; apply an Extreme Adhesive Square and fold fabric over tucking it into the edge of the binding as tightly as possible.
7. For the tray feet, adhere 4 – 1” painted wood doll heads (one side is flat) to the bottom (back) of the book – space evenly at the corners.
8. Tie the book closed on one side with ribbon. Use the Extreme Adhesive Squares to secure the ribbon as you tie it and if you layer ribbon as I did.
9. Create several flowers from various May Arts ribbon and trim by using a gathered stitch. Then layer the flowers using Extreme Adhesive Squares (Regular and Mini). Also use the Extreme Adhesive Squares to apply buttons and other decorative accents to the center of each flower and to attach them to the ribbon tied onto the book.
With the tray complete, it can serve as a place to rest a hot beverage or simply as a decorative item on which you can display other home accessories.

Tic Tac Tote
Designer: Lindsay Wahl

My daughter, Lauren, has been on a tic-tac-toe kick lately. I decided to create this little bag so she could take her game along with her. I recycled a pair of my husband's jeans that were falling apart!

Glue Arts Adhesives: Extreme Squares, Glue Glider Pro Fabric Bond Cartridge
Sizzix die cuts: "Booklet, Purse & Pages," "Flower Layers #4," "Serif" font
Buttons: Doodlebug
Felt (scraps from my stash)
Foam: Creative Hands (scraps)
Ribbon (scraps from my stash)
Velcro circle

1. Begin by die cutting purse and insert from jeans. Decide which side you want to be the outside of the tote. Set aside insert for now. Die cut four flowers from felt. Die cut five each of the letters "x" and "o" from foam. I also die cut an initial from foam for the outside of the purse.
2. Use ribbon scraps to create the tic-tac-toe grid on the inside of the denim purse. Two strips should be 3.5", and two should be 4.5" in length. Use Pro and Fabric Bond adhesive to adhere grid. Iron the ribbon to set adhesive.
3. Turn the purse over, and create the front. Use the Fabric Bond adhesive to add the ribbon accents. Adhere one flower with the Fabric Bond also. Iron to set the adhesive. To finish the flower, use the Extreme Squares on a second flower layer. Finally, add Extreme Squares to the foam initial and adhere.
4. Use the Extreme Squares to add the button on the flap of the purse. Adhere the velcro closure to the purse.
5. Now, it's time to create the pocket that will hold all of the pieces. Use the die cut denim insert. Add Fabric Bond to two sides of the insert. Close to form the pocket. Iron to set.
6. On the outside of the pocket, use the Fabric Bond to add the ribbon accents and one of the felt flower layers. Iron to set. Use the Extreme Squares to adhere the second flower layer and the button. Fill the pocket with the "x" and "o" pieces.
7. Ready, set, play!

We're excited to invite you our GlueArts fans to join us in this challenge during National Craft Month!!! It's the perfect time to craft, repurpose and enter for a chance to win some amazing products. Here's the details:
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Projects must contain at least one recycled, repurposed or reusable item and at least one GlueArts product (see products at  Submissions must include a photo and a description of project.  Contestants should include a photo on the description page (contestant names should not appear on photos). Descriptions must include a materials list and how the GlueArts product(s) was used.   Project photos must include the GlueArts product that was used.  

All project photos and descriptions must be submitted by March 18 to

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Last thank you to those who has cast a vote in our poll! If you have not we would appreciate if you would take a moment and select what you prefer.  To thank you for taking a moment we'd like to announce a random winner from those who voted and that is:

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