Ribbon Wreaths and Rosette Headbands!!

Make for perfect gift giving ideas and home decor!!

All this week we have been showcasing beautiful ways to use May Arts  Ribbons. And when you have a gorgeous pile of their ribbons at your fingertips... it truly inspires you as a crafter and Designer to make something outstanding.

Outstanding is the perfect word to describe the projects and crafts we have shared this week. We hope you agree!! Today is our final day and we're going out with a bang!

Designer Carole Janson made a sweet ribbon wreath to coordinate with her daughter's bedding. {how perfect is that?!!} This wreath would be darling made in traditional Christmas colors too!

Designer Michelle Lanning made ribbon rosettes that she ever so smartly used velcro so that the rosettes can be changed out to match a certain outfit!

Decorative Wreath
Designer: Carole Janson


White Wreath about 20 to 25 cm in diameter.
Glue Arts Fabric Bond
Glue Arts Glue Gun
Glue Arts Glue Gun Glues
Maya Roads Ribbon

Step 1:
 Using a ruler measure out 15 Inches of Ribbon.

Step 2:
 Using a Wreath about 20 to 25 cm in diameter, mine is white in color then tie the ribbons one by one around the wreath, to make sure the ribbon stays in position use your Glue Arts Glue Gun to glue into place.

Step 3:
 To create the Big Bow, cut out a pieces of Ribbon 30 Inches long and tie into a Bow, for the middle of the bow, use a coordinating piece of ribbon, about 2 inches long, and wrap around the center, then stick the ribbon into place with the Fabric Bond and then iron into place, and stick to the wreath with the Glue Arts Glue Gun.

Step 4:
 You can add extra pieces of ribbon where needed to fill in the caps on the wreath

Step 5:
 Here is your finished Decorative Wreath, something a little special. 
The Decorative Wreath coordinated so well with Sarah's Bedroom Quilt it looks like it was made for it lol !! lets just say she loves it.

Headband Rosettes
Designer: Michelle Lanning


May Arts ribbon
Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks

Designer Into: I used the May Arts ribbon to make some holiday themed rosettes. I decided to make a Christmas one, and a more Fall themed one, but really can be worn through the year.

I used my Glue Arts hot glue gun for the entire project.

After I wrapped a headband in May Arts ribbon, I glued the 2 rosettes and bow onto a piece of felt. I then added some velcro the back of the felt, as well as to the headband.
Make sure to glue the velcro on both the headband and the felt at equidistant spots so when you attach it, it will meet up exactly.
After it is dried (which is quickly), simply attach.
I did the same thing for the Fall inspired rosette set. Make note of which side you need for the velcro so it sticks.
Really, I can't wait to put more color combos together! It is so quick and easy - and really cute:)

So tell us...how have you enjoyed this week that we've shared with May Arts??? 

We hope you have found many new ideas and gifts that you can incorporate into your plans for the upcoming holidays! To help you...let's get you pointed in the right direction so you have a chance to win some of these ribbons.

Leave a comment here on the blog...you'll be entered to win these beautiful holiday ribbons from May Arts... and we have to include some of our outstanding Glue Arts products!! So not only will you win those beautiful ribbons....you'll win
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So get busy commenting, posting a friendly hello and you know while you're saying hi at the May Arts site...come say hi at our Glue Arts page...you just never know what we might have up our sleeve!!    
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