Baking & Giving with GlueArts and Imaginisce

There is something about the holidays that stirs a desire to bake...and bake special treats!

In our household it's cookies, candies and candy covered marshmallows...oh and cheesecake that reign supreme! (and apple pie, chocolate pie, pecan pie...we could go on and on!lol)

Today's post is such a sweet treat in more ways then one! Designer Ania Lexander shares a very special Norwegian recipe that she has made and beautifully packaged!!! And Designer Linda Albrecht has a beautiful fall tin (love how she used the owl shape!!) and a yummy recipe to get your tummy growling!!

Simply Joy's Set
GlueArts Designer: Ania Lexander

Glue Arts: 


Imaginisce: papers, stickers, canvas stickers, chipboard

staples, plastic bag, 

Maya Road: button, ribbon, pin, minitickets
Fiskars: edge puncher
 1. Put pieces of lefse (see below) in the bag, staple shut.

2. Cut out a rectangle, fold in the middle, staple onto the top of the bag. Attach chipboard using raisen's.
3. Cut out a long strip as a "belt" for the bag. Cut out a smaller rectangle, attach cute Imaginisce sticker onto the rectangle using raisen's, attach embellishments and write a note. Staple the rectangle onto the "belt" closing it around the bag.

4. Create a matching card
5. Put what you've created in a box and send it off to someone you love.

I recently started baking for Christmas - and decided to go for a traditional Norwegian sort of "cake/cookie" called lefse (Norwegian flatbread)'s the wikilink in case you're curious (
Here's an image of the lefse cooking...I'll admit..this is my 2nd time in my entire life I've attempted to make these...I got inspired by some elder women baking these effortlessly without breaking any sweat, making me think I could do this on my own you can see...I need lots and lots and lots of practice! (the ladies I interviewed had like, 55+ years of practice haha, so no wonder they fooled me into thinking this was easy ;p)

despite how the lefse turned out tasted lovely...and I got the urge to have my grandmother to taste them too.. I've been thinking it's about time to send her a card, so why not share a little of my life right now? She lives on the other side of the country, and I hope the lefse makes it alright across the mountains and still tastes well when it reaches her!

Happy Fall Tin Container
GlueArts Designer: Linda Albrecht

This container would be great for taking some of those favorite holiday cookies to your Thanksgiving gathering. I'm going to make my Great Aunt Cora's famous Gingersnaps to fill it with. They are the best Gingersnaps I've ever tasted! 

Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with PermaTac Adhesive, U-Cut-It Foam and Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun and sticks

Imaginisce "Happy Harvest" patterned papers- Fall into Fun & Autumn Splendor
Imaginisce "Happy Fall" Chipboard Stickers and "Fall Friend"s Icon Die Cuts

Acrylic paint
Felt- Cream, golden yellow, olive, and burnt orange
small nest, feathers, and artificial berries
fabric and Fiberfill
Food safe Tin container with cover or latched cover

1. Lightly sand, prime, and paint lid and rims of tin container. Allow to dry then lightly sand to distress and coat with sealer (outside of tin only.)
 2. Cut desired piece of U-Cut-It foam to fit the lower backside of chipboard sticker. Layer 2 foam pieces on top of each other to make the chipboard piece sit high enough because of the fabric bow knot that you will be adding to the tin.
 3. Apply patterned paper to the bottom of the tin container, tie on a fabric bow then apply the chipboard sticker with the foam adhesive near the knot on the bow.
 4. String jute through a button then use Hot Glue Gun to adhere it to the center of the knot on the fabric bow.
 5. Cut 2 pieces of cream colored felt to the shape of the owl die cut using a pinking shears then machine sew the pieces to the backside of the owl. Stuff Fiberfill between the 2 felt pieces.
 6. Apply distress ink to the outside edges of the owl and all other desired paper embellishments that you will use.
 7. Adhere the small nest to the top of the tin container using lots of hot glue. Adhere the owl, a couple of feathers, berries, felt flowers & leaves and Imaginisce die cut leaves to decorate the nest and top of lid, again use hot glue.

 8. Add die cut leaves with hot glue near the bow on the bottom half of the container.
 9. Fill up with cookies and share with someone you love!

"Aunt Cora's Gingersnaps"
3/4 cup white shortening
1 cup white sugar
1 egg, beaten
4 TBSP dark molasses
2 tsp baking soda
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp ginger
1 tsp cinnamon

Mix shortening, sugar, egg and molasses in medium bowl. Mix remaining ingredients in a larger bowl then add first mixture. Form into walnut size ball, dip top in sugar and bake at 350 degrees until tops crack and bottom is lightly browned. Yum!

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