A little update.....

Thank You so much for all of your concern and well wishes after our recent accident.  I have no idea where March has gone, the last few weeks have been a bit of blur.  The physical and emotional trauma of the accident combined with the fall out and the added concern and stress for my Dad's health, has taken it's toll on me... and I crashed.  I have not been well, but I am picking up now and starting to feel more in control of things. 

So, we start the process of looking for another vehicle because 

She ain't coming home

I am kinda sad about this and yes I understand that cars are machines which can be replaced... but nevertheless, I am still a little melancholy about the fact that my blue 'smurf' will be no more.

This was our first car that Rob and I bought together - actually it is the only car we have bought together -LOL. 

I only recently discovered that he actually detested the colour.  He never said anything at the time because he knew how much I loved it.   He did eventually grow to like the colour.

Rob and I had never had a brand new car and we saved and saved like crazy to buy this before I stopped working to be a SAHM.

We bought our two babies home in this car

Lots of happy memories for us.

It's a pity that the last one I will remember will be hitting a big ass gum tree head on.

Anway moving on........

As I said, starting to find my groove again

xx T

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