Fabric Projects to Tickle Your Fancy!!

Oh my bowl of cherries!

Life is like of bowl of cherries when you have this much eye candy to take in and gaze at!

We are pleased as punch today to share with you not only outstanding projects created by our Glue Girls but to also share with you three of of new Designers!

Linda Albrecht's vintage houses will have you scrambling to make these for your house, Leslie Ashe, well known for her beautiful layouts has made such a unique home decor piece that truly makes for a special family keepsake and last but not least Danielle Flanders will win your heart over with her Owl Scissor keeper....truly the cutest!!! Don't you agree??!!

Fabric Heritage Houses
Designer: Linda Albrecht


Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond
Cosmo Cricket Fabrics
Chipboard sheet
Miscellaneous ribbon and trim pieces, buttons,
small flowers, twigs, velvet leaves, decorative pins, and glitter
Poly fiberfill


1. Cut 5 pieces for the house base; 2- 5x6.5" for sides, 2- 5x6.5" pieces for front and back piece, plus add a peak to each piece that measures 3.5" on each side angle to the peak, 1- 5 1/4" square bottom piece.
2. Cut miscellaneous small pieces of fabric for the windows and doors then adhere them to the base pieces with Fabric Bond and heat set.
3. Adhere ribbon and trim pieces to the base with Fabric Bond and do any decorative machine stitching as desired.
4. Hand sew buttons to the base pieces as desired.
5. Once your base pieces are embellished as desired, machine sew the 4 side pieces together making 5/8" seams, iron seams, then sew the bottom piece to the sides, turning inside out so that the printed side of the fabric faces together.
6. Measure the bottom of the house piece (it should measure about 4 1/4" square) then cut a piece of chipboard to fit into the bottom of the house so that it forms a flat bottom.
7. Fill the house base with fiberfill.
8. Cut a 4 1/2"x6 1/4" piece of fabric for the roof then hand stitch onto the house base using a long running stitch. The seams will face outward, unlike the house base pieces.
9. Cut a 6x8" piece of chipboard then score it in half and fold to form the roof.
10. Adhere fabric onto both sides of the chipboard roof using Fabric Bond the machine sew a running stitch along the outside edges.
11. Hot glue the roof piece to the house along the extended seams of the top piece.
12. Cut 1"x 20" strips of fabric then machine sew a long running stitch along one 20" edge. Pull one end of the thread on the strip to make the piece form gathers then form the gathered piece into a flower.
13. Adhere the fabric flowers to the rood of the house and adhere ribbon to the roof as desired.
14. Apply glitter to the roof fabric and flowers, if desired.

Sewing Box
Designer: Leslie Ashe


Glue Arts supplies:  Glue Glider Pro, Glue Glider Pro Extreme Tac, Adhesive Squares, Ribbon Adhesive, 3D combo pack
Cosmo Cricket fabric
old Prima wooden flower box
Letter stickers
spare buttons
ribbon, butterflies...


1. paint flower box
2. cut Cosmo Cricket fabric to fit squares inside wooden flower box & glue inside box
3. cut flowers from fabric & glue inside box, using a button or pin as a center if desired.
4. add old spools to middle of box
5. add photo to bottom left
6. add letter stickers to bottom right
7. add various buttons to top left
8. add ribbon at bottom & top off with butterflies.

My Scissor Keeper
Designer: Danielle Flanders

When I received the Cosmo Cricket fabric, I wanted to make something that had to do with sewing or crafting, so I looked on-line and found a cute owl that holds your scissors! I thought it was adorable, so I had to give one a try. 


Glue Glider Pro and Fabric Bond Adhesive
Felt pieces in orange, red, and yellow
May Arts Ribbon
Cosmo Cricket Fabrics
2 brown buttons
white thread
your scissors and an iron.
My Scissor’s Keeper instructions:

1. Cut the back piece out of the red and white material using the pattern provided. Place it onto a piece of orange felt. Trim around edges of felt with pinking shears. Adhere material to felt with Fabric Bond.
2. Cut background for eyes out of yellow felt using pattern provided. Arrange 2 brown buttons so they fit inside the scissor holes and stitch them down to the yellow felt with white embroidery floss. Adhere finished felt piece to body of owl with Fabric Bond.
3. Cut pocket from the scissor fabric using pattern provided. Use pinking shears. Back with felt to give it some bulk using Fabric Bond to adhere it to the felt piece. (Any color of felt that won’t show through the material is fine to use on this piece. I used yellow felt.)
4. Cut a border from orange felt that is the length of the pocket. Adhere to top edge of pocket.

5. Place scissors in and machine stitch on left and right sides of pocket.
6.  Cut a left and right wing from ruler material using pattern provided. Lay these onto red felt and trim around them with pinking shears leaving some red felt showing all the way around the wings.

7.  Adhere finished felt piece to body of owl.
8.  Wrap May Arts ribbon around scissors and tie in a bow. Leave a long end. I loose my scissors on my messy table a lot, so this is why I have a long ribbon tied to them!
9. Finish off by adding any pins or needles to the wings!

So say it....amazing, beautiful, creative, inspiring??!! All perfect ways to describe today's projects and our talented group of designers too! So given we had one more amazing day of fabric projects to share with you were going to give you another chance to leave us a comment to be entered to win this week's prize package.

We're giving away a Glue Glider Pro, our new Fabric Bond cartridge AND our ribbon adhesive!

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