A Wintery Profile and Snow Birds

Are just a few of the goodies we have in store for you today!

We also have a special Guest Designer, Vicki O'Dell whose unique Snow Silhouette Collage is the perfect craft to make while everyone is stuck at home with the snow!

Vicki's instructions and the Glue Girls will have you anxious to get crafting and say the heck with all the snow!!

Please join us in welcoming Vicki O'Dell to the Glue Arts blog!!


I'm Vicki O'Dell, The Creative Goddess - A happy go lucky, ultra busy craft designer, writer, educator, and presenter. I am always on the go, talking, laughing and having a great time.

As a professional crafter I've created for craft industry catalogs, retail advertising, store displays, trade websites and blogs. My work has been on television for DIY, HGTV, and Public Television. I have also done video work for Office Max, The Ohio Lottery and others.

My writing can be found in various craft blogs, including more than 500 posts on my own Creative Goddess blog. I've also written for retail ads, catalogs, project sheets, instructions for the DIY Network website and e-books. I have an active teaching schedule for both private and public clients with classes in floral design, paper crafts, jewelry making, scrapbooking, faux foods and mixed media.

I'm also a presenter who has demonstrated numerous products in person, on video and on television.
I love experimenting with new techniques and teaching others what I learn. I'm constantly on the look out for something new. I can't help it; I want to do it ALL!

Welcome Vicki!!!!! Thanks for joining us!!

 Snow Silhouette Collage
Guest Designer: Vicki O'Dell

A note from Vicki: I love this paper. As soon as I saw it I thought of looking out the kitchen window watching children making a snowman.

- Echo Park "Wintertime" paper collection
- Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro ExtremeTac, Perma Tac, Extreme Adhesive Squares and Micro Adhesive Squares
-Frame options - This project could easily be made using a collage photo frame, individual canvas boards, individual frames or even made into a banner
- Silhouettes - You can use silhouettes of your own children or visit The Creative Goddess blog to download the children I created
- Cricut Expressions machine with the When It's Cold Outside cartridge or paper and scissors to cut your own snowflakes
- Scissors or paper cutter, ruler, pencil, small sharp scissors
-Solid carstock in colors of your choice

1. Cut the background paper to the size of the opening of your frame. Each section of my window was 10.5" by 10.5". Back the paper with chipboard, cardboard (cereal boxes are a good item to recycle here) or the backing that comes with the frame. Adhere the background paper to the backing with the Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro ExtremeTac or Perma Tac.
2. Download the silhouettes from The Creative Goddess blog or create silhouettes of your own children to turn this into a scrapbook project. Cut silhouettes using small, sharp scissors. The better the scissors the better the finished project will look.
3. Check for placement of the silhouettes before adhering them to the background paper. One of the things I really like about the Glue Arts products is that if you notice right away that something isn't placed quite right you can carefully peel it off and try again. I even put the adhesive on the wrong side of one of the silhouettes and was able to peel it off the background paper and gently rub the adhesive off and still be able to use the silhouette.  
4. Also keep in mind that silhouettes are TRADITIONALLY black but feel free to experiment with other colors too. I think I'd like to try this project again with a medium blue silhouette.
5. I used Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro ExtremeTac just inside the edges of the wood to hold the silhouettes and background paper in place.

6. Cut snowflakes using the Cricut When It's Cold Outside cartridge. I used a lightweight white cardstock for the top layer and a medium blue cardstock for the bottom layer.

7. Or fold a piece of paper into fourths and then in half one or two more times. Cut notches into the folds and outside edges then unfold to reveal your very own snowflake.
8. The micro adhesive squares adhere the white layer of the snowflake to the blue layer and then the letters S N O W to the front of the snowflakes.
Place the snowflakes where they are pleasing to you and adhere them to the background with the Extreme Adhesive Squares.

Snowman Container

Designer: Cheri Wenger

(Glue Arts) Glue Glider Max with 1/2" Perma Tac cartridge; Glue Glider Pro with Repositionable cartridge; Ribbon Adhesive; Mini Adhesive Squares; Hot Glue Gun & glue sticks
(Echo Park) Wintertime Collection by Bella Road Cardstock (CS) and Elements Stickers 
(JoAnns) Snowman Christmas Ornament
(May Arts) velvet leaf (ribbon) and white fuzzy balls on twine 
(Bo Bunny) Teal Rhinestone
Misc: Red Glitter Felt, Red Small Pom Pons and Brown Pipe Cleaners
(Creating Keepsakes) Scissors; (Martha Stewart) Fringe Scissors and (Fiskars) Paper Trimmer


1. Wrap CS around container with lid on to determine height to cut CS. Cut length to overlap approximately 1". (3-15/16" x 11" were measurements for my container).

2. Flip CS over and apply adhesive along all 4 edges and across center using Glue Glider Max with 1/2" Perma Tac adhesive. 
Attach paper to container slowly with lid on, using it as a guide for top alignment.
 3. Cut a piece of patterned CS 10-1/2" x 1-3/8". Cut a scrap piece of scrap CS to the height in which you would like your fringe to stop (approx. 3/8" to allow for gluing). 

Use repositionable adhesive to temporarily glue on top of patterned CS strip to use as a visual reminder of where to stop cutting fringe. Repeat cuts until fringe is finished.
 4. Flip fringe strip over, apply adhesive to non fringed area using Glue Glider Max. Attach around container 1/4" from bottom with fringe bending up and outward. (you can use a pencil to help create bend). Use fingers to work fringe randomly bend fringe to different heights.
 5. Trim 1" from top of snowman CS (scene side). Trim length to 11", apply adhesive using Max to back side and wrap around bottom of container.
 6. Trim blue side of Flurry CS face down and trace lid in pencil. Cut along tracing with scissors and use Glue Glider Max to add adhesive. Use scrap paper below to so you can apply adhesive off the edge. Carefully lift up and bend adhesive inward. Attach to top of container.
 7. Cut red glitter felt 20" x 3/4" (depth of lid). Apply two strips of ribbon adhesive around edge of lid. Remove liners and wrap felt evenly around lid and knot. Use mini adhesive square close to knot to press to ends together. Roll another mini adhesive square into a thin roll and center at the bottom of velvet holly leaf (trimmed from ribbon strand). Pinch the bottom together to create dimension and attach to end of scarf using hot glue gun. Add rhinestone on top using glue gun.
 8. Remove hemp from hanger on top of snowman ornament. Squeeze a lot of hot glue onto bottom of ornament and be sure to build up glue around sides that taper so it won’t be wobbly on top. Attach to center of lid and hold until dry. Wrap small strand of fuzzy white balls on twine around base of wreath and secure by placing a couple mini adhesive squares under balls.
 9. Attach red Pom Pons to belly area and on top of hat to disguise metal hanger using hot glue gun. Attach small snowflake sticker to right side of hat using hot glue.
 10. Cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner and bend to form arms. 

Trace mitten stickers onto red patterned CS using pencil. Trim out with scissors and sandwich pipe cleaners between mitten sticker and red mitten cut out. This will create a double sided mitten so it is red when viewed from behind. Put a mini adhesive square on the tip of each mitten to attach to belly area. Attach tops of arms just below lid using a small amount of hot glue on the inside of each pipe cleaner.
 Note: You can add glitter and other snowy embellishments if desired.

Snow Bird Winter Cone
Designer: Linda Albrecht

Glue Arts High Tac Adhesive and Glue Glider Pro
Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun and sticks
Artificial bird's nest and bird
styrofoam ball cut in half
Silver pipe cleaners
Echo Park "Wintertime" Element Stickers and patterned paper
German Glass Glitter
Clear glitter
Assorted rhinestones
Liquid Adhesive
White acrylic paint and paint brush
mini pom pom trim

1. Begin by rolling the paper into a cone shape. Bring one straight edge to the opposite corner and roll into shape.

2. I was going to put a small bird's nest on the top of my cone, so I used the nest to determine how big around the top of my cone was.
3. Unroll the desired cone shape then apply High Tac Adhesive to the outer inside edge of what will be the cone shape.
4. Cut a styrofoam ball in half then smoosh it down using the palm of your hand to condense the foam into a flatter rounded circle that will fit into the nest.
5. Paint the top rounded side of the styrofoam ball white to seal shut some of the pores.
6. Use the Glue Arts Mini Glue Gun to adhere the styrofoam ball into the cneter of the nes, making sure to push it down and hold it in place for a minute.

7. Paint on a liquid adhesive to the styrofoam ball and portions of the nests outer edges then pour on Clear German Glass Glitter. Regular glitter is fine also, but I used real glass glitter for my project.
8. Apply Echo Park "Wintertime" snowflake stickers to the outside of the cone as shown then use a paint brush to apply liquid adhesive to the snowflakes and sprinkle on clear fine glitter.

9. Add rhinestones to the centers of the snowflake stickers.
10. Braid 3 silver pipe cleaners together then adhere them to the top sides of the piece for te handle.
11. Hot glue the bird to the snow mound in the nest then adhere other embellishments (picket fence piece, jingle bell and crystals.)
12. Cut off the bottom tip of the cone and hot glue a small silver ball ornament to the opening.
13. Hot glue silver pipe cleaner around the cone wehre the silver ornament and the paper meet. 

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calamity jane said...

I just love all of the projects that I see here! I'd love to win this prize package on projects for my gorgeous granddaughters!

I haven't played word games for a while, but here goes! chopper, ugliest, giggled,gorilla, creep, and gorgeous! Well, I tried!!
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