Spring Pals Treat Bag Kids Craft with GlueArts!

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We love today's craft....not only did Designer Tamara Tripodi create it...her sweet 6 year old daughter did too!

GlueArts Adhesives are kid friendly and easy to use. This GlueGirl recently went to a craft at her son's school...and the kids went crazy for our Glue Glider PRO+, Adhesive Squares and our 3D Combo Pac! It was great to see their reaction to the "cool" glues!

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Spring Pals Treat Bag

GlueArts Designer: Tamara Tripodi & Alannah Tripodi (6 years old) 

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White and pink cardstock
Aqua blue letter stickers
Pink button for the nose
Black ink pen
Googly eyes
Crinkle ribbon
Pink twine
Hole punch
Pink ink and sponge
Ivory fiber


1). Cut the following shapes and sizes-
- Two 6x7.5" ovals (white)
- Two 4.5x1.5" ovals (white)
- Two 1x3.5" ovals (light pink)

Lightly ink edges in pink.

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2). Use a little Extreme/Perma tac on the inside of the large ovals.. at the top, bottom, and both sides. This will hold the ovals in place as you hole punch and stitch.
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Use a hole punch all the way around spacing them as evenly as possible.

3). Layer the pink ovals for the ears over the white with U-Cut it foam.

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Mark where you want you ears to go, then hole punch the ears.
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4). Thread your twine through. I went around twice
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5). Embellish with stickers, eyes, button, 'whiskars', etc.
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We'd like to help you make some "Kid Approved" crafts and give you a chance to win! Post a comment and let us know what your planning for your spring break or kids crafts! We'll enter you to win our Glue Glider PRO+,  Adhesive Squares and our Raisen's! (and they're not the kind kids don't want to eat!lol)

They're the fun dimensional adhesive squares to give items a little lift!  

Here's a peek of what's coming tomorrow from Designer Linda Albrecht...

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