A Flower Bouquet Keepsake with GlueArts!

It's often a tradition to make a practice bouquet for the bride.

Bows from the wedding shower gifts are saved and stuck onto a plate for the bride to "practice" with at the rehearsal.

Designer Lisa Day...kicks that idea into modern times with this beautiful flower bouquet that the bride will not only want to practice with...she'll want to save this as a special keepsake too! If you're really on the ball...what a beautiful option this would make as well for the real wedding day for both the bride and the bridesmaids!!

Designer Grace Tolman has a special way to decorate the table top and easy to make so that multiples could be made for several tables for the reception as well!! It's amazing what you can create with Crate Paper's Portrait Collection and our GlueArts adhesives!

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 Practice Bouquet
Designed by: Lisa Day
Lisa and her husband will celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary on June 26th!
Glue Arts Extreme Tac adhesive and applicator
Glue Arts Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Paper and Brads - Crate Paper
Flower holder and centers

1. Cut various strips of pattern paper. Mine were all 12 inches long and then varied in width between 2 - 2.75 inches

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2. Fold the strips in half length-wise. Using fringe scissors fringe the strips of paper leaving about 1/4" from the bottom. I rotated fringing them on the folded side of the paper and the open side to add visual interest. You can play with this to see which you like best!

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3. Place a flower center at the end of the strip and tightly roll up the flowers and add a strip of extreme tac to the end before you finish the roll to hold the flower together.

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4. Lightly fluff up the flower and repeat making 32 various flowers.

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5. I bought this flower holder at Michaels and then removed the foam from the center to work with paper flowers.

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6. Start placing your flowers in the openings of the flower holder and add hot glue to keep them in place. If the flowers are too thick to fit in the opening you can unroll them a little and trim off some of the strip and then reglue them together. I placed one flower each in the top holes and two each on the side holes.

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7. Then fluff them open to hide any open spots. If you have any obvious spots that you can't hide you can make smaller flowers and hot glue them in the holes.

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8. Add a strip of hot glue around the bottom of the flower holder and adhere ribbon, adding subtle pleats along the way.

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9. Insert some brads in the ribbon!
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And there you have a beautiful practice bouquet that any bride would love to have!

Tabletop Centerpiece
Designed by: Grace Tolman
Grace and her husband just celebrated their 9th Wedding Anniversary!

Glue Arts Glue Gun
Glue Arts U Cut it Foam
Pattern Papers, stickers and brads- Crate Paper
Die Cut machine- Cricut, Provo Craft
Die cut cartridge- Mother’s Day Bouquet
Craft circle- Michael’s craft store
Candle- Dollar tree store

1. Gather your supplies. 
 2. Paint the craft circle/wreath white. Let it dry completely.
 3. Start cutting out flowers in varying sizes from Crate Paper’s pattern papers. I cut mine between 1” all the way up to 3”, with about 1” intervals. 

 4. Layer flowers together. Remember your papers are double sided so there are more choices for layering patterns. 
 5. Lay those on the circle wreath to see how they will look when all assembled together. I was able to fit 6 layered flowers on my 6” ring. 
6. Use a pen, pencil, bone folder or your own fingers to create creases to the paper flowers. We want the flowers to have dimension and creasing its petals will do the trick. 
 7. Adhere the layers on top of each other with some U Cut it foam adhesive. 
 8. On the smallest paper flower, add a brad first before you adhere it to the rest of the layered flowers. 
 9. Lay two small U Cut it foam adhesives on the inside edge of the circle and add glue gun to the opposite edge and then adhere the flowers. The foam will the back part of the paper flowers lift from the wreath. 
10. For the candle, cut a 2” strip from the red pattern paper and adhere around the candle with Glue Arts Glue gun. 
11. Add a border sticker. 
 12. I chose to use the “just married” sticker as my focal point in the candle and I added that with some U Cut it foam adhesive. 

And this Glue Girl is happy to say that my husband and I will celebrate our 19th Anniversary on July 18th!!

We'd like to help YOU celebrate!!

We invite you to leave us a comment to enter to win the Crate Paper Portrait Collection along with their beautiful fabric brads!!

 And we couldn't have a GlueArts giveaway without including GlueArts products! We'll also include our Glue Glider Pro, cartridge of YOUR choice along with our Extreme Adhesive Squares!!

How long have you been married??? We'd love for you to share!!!

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