GlueArts Crafts for Kids Week

For many of is ending and that means summer.

Time for trips to the pool, stops for ice cream, catching up on reading...and yes..

the dreaded, "I'm bored Mom".

So rather then see your kids spend enless time in front on the TV or playing video games...why not suggest a craft!

All week long we have kids craft ideas using our GlueArts adhesives and our Designers creative ideas!

Accent It All Flowers
Designed by: Audrey Pettit


Glue Arts Accent It All Vinyl
Glue Arts Glue Gun and Glue Gun Sticks (optional)

My daughter loves making flowers to decorate her room with. These fun Accent It All flowers may look a bit complicated, but really are quite simple to make. The best part is, with all the fun colors the Accent It All vinyl comes in, you can make a whole rainbow of flowers, in different sizes. Once you learn the easy folding technique, the sky is the limit.

1. Start by cutting the Accent It All vinyl into strips. You can use whatever size strip you would like, with larger pieces being easier for younger children to manage. For our flowers, we cut the strips into 2" widths. We used a guillotine paper cutter for this, although you can cut it by hand as well. Don't worry if your lines aren't perfectly straight. That won't affect the outcome of the flowers in the least.

2. Cut a thin strip of vinyl for the flower center. Our piece was about 3/4" thick, but again, it could be any size. Roll the strip into a tube, leaving just about a 1/4" tail at the bottom. Fold the tail back onto the tube and smooth flat. It won't look like much yet, but not to worry.

3. Cut a larger square or rectangular piece for the flower petals. Any size will work, and straight lines are not necessary, so let the kiddos go to town.
4. Fold down one corner of the rectangle, leaving about an 1/8" edge of sticky vinyl exposed. Press flat.
5. Take that exposed edge, and fold it over to the opposite side. My daughter calls this the "house" fold, because your piece ends up looking like a house with a pointed roof. Press flat. You will end up with a pointed triangle with sticky vinyl at the bottom.
6. Wrap this first petal around the flower center we created in step 2. The vinyl clings to itself, so there is no need for any further adhesive.

7. Now simply repeat the process, folding and wrapping as many petals around the center as you wish. Less petals will create a flower bud appearance, more petals make a full flower.
8. Last step is to cut a rectangular piece of green Accent It All for the flower stem. This can be any size. Ours was approximately 2" x 4". Roll into a tube, and attach it to the flower base using another thin strip of green vinyl.

9. If need be, use the Glue Arts Glue Gun to apply a small drop of glue to the flower center to keep it in place.

10. Cut leaves from green vinyl and wrap around base.

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OH MY GOSH!!!!! What a giveaway! I so need this, both my son and my daughter got engaged within the past couple months! Ohhh, please let me be the lucky GLUE ARTS winner!! Thanks for the chances.

May 28, 2011 2:34 AM 
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