With Love to Mom.....

from all of us at GlueArts!

I'm always fascinated about history and how things came to be, what led to something we all know coming together...so if you will allow a little background on Mother's Day....

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia who started Mother's Day celebrations also filed a lawsuit in an effort to stop the over- commercialisation of Mother's Day. She lost her fight. Anna had hoped for a day of reflection and quiet prayer by families, thanking God for all that mothers had done.

Well Anna....I think most modern day Moms still do want the same things you did. A day of quiet and reflection.  Also time spent with loved ones! How do you like to spend the day? 

All week long we're showcasing unique, handmade gifts for you to make and give to that special someone you celebrate Mother's Day with. Might be a friend, Aunt, Grandma, your children or your Mom.

Designer Patti Milazzo has a sweet sweet gift set for her Mom....so pretty and Designer Jan Hennings has a unique vintage photo frame that would make a truly special gift this Mother's Day!!!!!! 

Cherry Blossom Jar and Card
Designer: Patti Milazzo

I love embellishing jars for gift giving since you can put just about anything inside them. My mom is Japanese and this year I thought I would create a cherry blossom themed gift jar filled with a special Green Tea and accompanied by a card with a paper pieced Kokeshi Doll on the front. 

Glue Arts:
Glue Glider Pro with
1/4 Perma Tac Cartridge Refill - Pro
Mini Adhesive Squares
Adhesive Squares
U-Cut-It Adhesive Foam
Glue Gun
Glue Gun Stick Refills

Other: pattern paper and cardstock; 8” ribbon; 10” of black cord or other decorative trim; raffia; pearl gems; white embossing powder; pink/rose colored chalk; flower and leaf punches; crimping tool

Other suggestions to fill your gift jar: Edible treats, gift cards, bath salts, flower seed packets and more.

1. First, I cut cardstock and pattern paper to cover the glass jar and lid. I cut 2 – 2” x 12” strips of cardstock that I crimped and attached together with Adhesive Squares to make the crimped strip long enough to wrap around the jar. I also cut out a circle for the top with two holes in it – where I had removed the original lid handle. And I cut a narrow strip of pattern paper for the side of the lid.

Note: I found that the Adhesive Squares were the easiest adhesive to use on the crimped paper since they didn’t require too much pressure to apply to the paper and they wouldn’t result in flattening the crimped texture.

2. Next, I punched out flowers and leaves to embellish the jar. I used a 5 petal flower that I then notched out each petal. I also punched out small circles from white cardstock for the center of the large flowers.
3. I used the Adhesive Squares to attach the crimped tan cardstock to the glass jar.
4. Then, using the Glue Glider Pro I applied the Perma Tac Adhesive to the narrow pattern paper strip and wrapped it around the side of the lid. Again, I used the Perma Tac again to cover the lid with the paper circle.

5. To attach the flowers and leaves to the crimped paper wrapped around the jar, I used the Mini Adhesive Squares and regular Adhesive Squares. These were quick to apply and made it a snap to add the flowers easily.
6. With the Glue Gun, I applied short, narrow lengths of hot glue to the top edge of the lid and pressed the decorative trim (black cord) into the hot glue. I did this all the way around the lid.
7. I embellished the top of the lid with more punched flowers and leaves.

8. To complete the jar, I wrapped raffia around the jar twice, tied a knot and then trimmed off the excess raffia.
9. For the card, I used the left over crimped tan cardstock across the background of the card.
10. I wanted to embellish the card with a paper pieced Kokeshi Doll (a traditional Japanese doll) using punches and basic shapes. I started by punching out circles from cardstock to create the face, bangs and hair. I rubbed in a bit of rose colored chalk for blushed cheeks. I cut an oval from pattern paper to create the body – trimmed off the bottom of the oval and added a strip of cardstock across the center of the body. I also created an umbrella using the same large five petal flower punches by scoring lines from the center of the flower to the center of each petal and folding them slightly. I layered the two flowers together with an Adhesive Square and then added a small circle punch in the center.

11. I adhered the body to the card with Adhesive Squares – again easier to apply on top of the crimped paper and it adheres securely. I applied U-Cut-It Adhesive Foam to the back of the doll’s head and placed that at the top of the oval body. 
12. Finally, I applied a double layer of U-Cut-It Adhesive Foam behind the umbrella and applied in front of the doll’s body.
13. To complete the card, I added a small butterfly punch and heat embossed my stamped sentiment with white embossing powder.

Mirrored Wedding Photo
Designer: Jan Hennings

GlueArts Glue gun, melt sticks, Perma Tac Adhesive Squares 

Kaiser Craft Wood Flourish Gate and Patterned Paper
Posy Stamps (Heartfelt Creations)
Mirrored Frame (Dollar Store)
vintage photo (Graphic's Fairy)
Crystal Stem (Hobby Lobby
 Gold Metallic Paint (Plaid)
Glass Glitter (Melissa Frances)
pearls (Paper Studio)
sand paper
Tuxedo Black ink (Tsukineko)


Step 1- Start with a 6.50" x 8.50" mirrored frame.
Step 2-Choose a photo and cut to size.
Step 3-Remove the mirror from the frame. Gently start sanding the gray film on the back of the mirror. Only sand the areas that you want your photo to show through.

Hold your photo in the sanded area to check the progress of the sanding.
Step 4- Once the area has been sanded and you have the desired look with the photo, clean the sanding dust from the back of the mirror.

Step 5- Use .50" Perma Tac Adhesive Squares in each or the corners of the photo.
Step 6- Place the sanded mirror over the photo and press into place.
Step 7- Using Metallic Gold paint, paint the Wood Flourish Gate. Let dry.
Step 8- Use old jewelry or gems and hot glue them to the gate to make handles.

Step 9-Using 2 small posy flower stamps and five different patterned papers, stamp flowers with Tuxedo Black ink. Cut out.
Step 10- Add a bead of hot glue to the centers of two of the small flowers and sprinkle with Glass Glitter. Add pearl centers to the remaming small flowers.
Step 11-Layer the small flower on top of a larger flowers and holt glue into place.
Step 12- Hot glue the flowers to a crystal stem.

Step 13- Place a piece of paper over the area that you'll hot glue the gates. Add a fine line of hot glue to the outer edge of the gate.
Step 14- Position the gate at the bottom of the glass in a semi-open position and press the gate into place. Hold until the hot glue sets. Repeat this for the second gate.

Step 15- Cut out a King and Queen card. (Kaiser Craft P653)
Step 16- Add gold beads to the Queen's crown.
Step 17- Using a Perma Tac Adhesive Square, layer the Queen card on top of the King card.
Step 18- Using a crystal stem that you glued flowers to, hot glue the stem into place on the Queen Card.

Step 19.) Hot glue the second crystal stem on the left gate panel.

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